Press release: Rada must decide for an independent and effective Anti-Corruption Court


Michael Gahler, Elmar Brok and Dariusz Rosati, Members of the European Parliament, welcome the beginning of the final voting session of Verkhovna Rada on the draft law for the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine.


The recommendations of the Venice Commission, especially regarding the court’s jurisdiction and the selection process of judges, must be implemented.


The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament sees the adoption of the law as one precondition for the continuation of international and European financial support to Ukraine. It should be complemented by the lifting of e-declaration obligations for anti-corruption NGO activists and by the election of a politically balanced Central Election Commission.


These measures would help complete major anti-corruption reforms and represent one important step towards fair elections in 2019.




Elmar Brok is the Lead-Member of the Support Programme of the European Parliament for the Verkhovna Rada


Michael Gahler is the Standing Rapporteur on Ukraine of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament 


Dariusz Rosati is the Chair of the European Parliament Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee